Friday, 15 April 2011

POST # 576 EBAY PRICE GUIDE: Vintage Kay Barney Kessel Acoustic Electric Guitar

See how much this Braney Kessel endosed Kay guitar sold for at the end of the post. Here's the blurb from the seller:

Vintage Kay Barney Kessel Acoustic Electric Guitar

This guitar is being sold for restoration or parts. The previous owner fooled around with restoring it but didn't do such a good job. The guitar is playable as is and I've tested it on an amp. I got sound thru the amp while strumming the strings but that was all the testing I've done. I did not test the knob functions or switch. I will try to explain what I see. I will start with the body. The body itself is in good shape with some paint chips, scratches, a couple of pock marks in the paint, and finish cracks in the paint. The chips, pock marks, and scratches are on the back and some pock marks on the side in the cutaway. These pock marks look like the finish was melted possibly by glue. The finish cracks and a couple of paint chips are on the front. There is also some paint lose where the neck meets the body. This is where the previous owner took the neck off the body. I see no cracks in the wood or broken plastic pieces around the edge of the body. The other parts on the body are in good shape. There are acouple of small cracks in the plastic on the lower pickup but nothing bad and both pickups have minor silvering lose. The pick guard is in nice shape with no cracks. The knobs, switch and metal string holder are all in good shape. The saddle and bridge look home made. There is a stamp inside the body, L3651 8700. Now for the neck and headstock. The previous owner said that he took the neck apart and found the steel rod to be rusted so he removed it and it was not replaced. When you sight down the neck you can see a slight warp out toward the headstock. He told me he did not get the fretboard back on right away so the neck spread a little outward so the wood neck is a little wider where it meets the fretboard. The fretboard itself is in good condition with a crack in the plastic edge on one side and on the other side the plastic edge came loose on a small part. The white inlay all looks good with one small crack in one of the inlays on the last fret towards the body. This inlay is otherwise tight. The headstock looks like it was repainted and there are screws in both sides holding it together. I've shown the screws on one of the sides in my pictures. The plastic piece with the "K" on it covering the headstock is solid but has cracks radiating out from the tuner peg holes and some damage on one side of the "V" piece. The "V" piece has a small crack on the edge. There is a metal tag on the back of the headstock that says," Kay Musical Instrument Company, instrument no. A 1219. The tuners look like they are in good condition. There are five Grover and one unnamed. All the keys on the tuners have the same design. That's about it for the guitar. The hard case is sound with wear on the outside. The inside is nice with a red felt lining. All the latches are in good shape. As I stated earlier this guitar needs work and is being sold for restoration or parts. If you have any questions please ask.

Winning bid: US $1,009.99

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