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POST # 702 EBAY PRICE GUIDE: Fender Japan JV Squier Strato Order Made Contemporary


Dreamy Japanese Squier, custom ordered in Mint condition. Scroll down to see how much it sold for. Here's the blurb from the seller.

Fender Japan JV Squier Strato Order Made Contemporary

This auction is for a 1983/84 build Squier/Fender Japan Contemporary series Stratocaster with JV (Japan Vintage) serial.

The guitar is in very excellent condition and you could say "Near Mint" for its age.

As you can see "Order Made" on the end of the neck shown in the picture above, this one seems to have been customized.
At first, I thought it has a customized color because I haven't seen the color before but later I found the color in the color chart of the catalog in the era.

After my research on the Contemporary Series, I found that all the guitars' necks are painted in the same color as their bodies have or in black. Meanwhile the neck of this guitar is painted with clear coat.

The neck has a beautiful curly grain.

The guitar sounds resonant with the twang and spanky sound. Before playing the guitar, I thought it would suit to only Heavy Metal Rock, but it wasn't so. It sounded so sweet that I enjoyed playing Blues and other type's music too with this guitar.

This guitar is one of The "Squier Contemporary" models with JV serial /series made between 1982 and 1984 by Fujigen.
This guitar looks barely used and the fretboards shows minimal wear.

In 1982, "Squier" brand was introduced firstly to Europe as less expensive Fender guitars. These "Squier" brand guitars were made in Japan by Fender Japan /Fujigen.
(At the time "Fender" Japan guitars were not exported and sold only in Japan.)
Right after introduced in European market, "Squier" were made for Japanese market too. They had two lines; vintage types and "Contemporary" models.
The former line's guitars were as less expensive based on the Fender Japan vintage models with less expensive parts, but the latter ones were not less expensive models and some of them had higher prices than "Fender" (Japan) models.

For your information, the "Fender Contemporary" models were the first Fender Japan models to be exported officially as Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters. I think in the domestic market, these Fender contemporary models were sold as "Squier Contemporary" models, because "Fender Contemporary" models are very rare in the Japanese market mean while "Squier Contemporary" models are hard to find in the USA.
According to some information, These " Contemporary" models were produced till 1987.

If you like further information about Fender & Squier made in and around the JV era, please see the following websites.

Weight: approx 3.45 KG/7.61 lb (very light)

Neck profile: U shape

Neck width at nut: 42.5mm

This one has an "END ROX" bridge which locks the strings into place with Allen Wrench/Hex Key tightened HEX screws. These are situated on the underside of the bridge's tremolo block. This means the guitar is strung much like a Floyd Rose, however the strings pass through the bridge & tremolo block and are locked in place by winding around the posts of 6 hex screws (much like how one would tighten a wire in an electrical socket). If you don't need to lock the strings you can string the guitar in the usual manner.

Ended: Feb 16, 201123:03:34 PST

Bid history: 1 bid

Winning bid: US $599.99

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