Tuesday, 22 March 2011

POST # 537 EBAY PRICE GUIDE: Vintage Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face

Here's one of the all time classic fuzz pedals and original to boot! See how much it sold for at the end of the post.

Here's the blurb from the seller:

Vintage Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face
Late 60's/Early 70's Classic Hammerite Grey Original

For auction is my old Fuzz Face. It is completely original and untampered with and in good working order for a 40 year old.This is not a reissue! I have wrestled with the idea of selling it for sometime and have decided after some soul searching to part with it since I don't use it too often.

I have owned it for many years and have enjoyed having a genuine piece of Rock and Roll history.If there ever was a truly iconic guitar effect then surely the Fuzz Face is it, having come to represent ( along with Fender , Gibson , Marshall ,Vox etc) an era of fresh and innovative music due to it's connection with all those groundbreaking guitarists of the 60's.

The list of guitar pioneers who have used one of these at the heart of their sound is endless , many still do. I guess this is why the old original ones are so sought after by guitarists today. This one has a pair of Silicon BC209 transistors which gives a very gainy and textural tone, cleaning up amazingly well by rolling back the guitars volume.Another nice trick I've found with this is to max both controls then roll them back a touch to reduce the fuzz and give a clearer tone, if you need something other than all out filth.Check out the incredible playing of vintage Fuzz Face user, Phil Sayce , who uses this approach with his.

I have cherished this thing for many years and hope it finds a good home but I really do need to raise some cash somehow. I'm sure there must be someone out there who'll appreciate it. On the rare occasions these come up they seem to have some astronomical price attached or there are bits missing ~ replaced knobs, bottom plate is gone or electrics are changed.Mine is intact and unmessed with and doesn't have a silly price on it .

I put it up for auction with no reserve in the hope that both the bidder and myself get a good deal - Thank You for your interest and Good Luck Bidding !!! Also prepared to ship worldwide.

Winning bid: US $636.00

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