Friday, 25 March 2011

POST # 541 EBAY PRICE GUIDE: Victoria Gretsch Executive Amp Exquisite Tone, MINT+++

Here's a great retro-looking offering from Gretsch, see how much it sold for at the end of the post. Here's the blurb from the seller.

Victoria Gretsch Executive Amp Exquisite Tone, MINT+++

This listing is long, because I want to assure you of what you are buying.. This is a Pro Level amplifier, in extraordinary Condition, made in the USA, by the widely acclaimed Victoria Amplifiers... Check out Victoria's website for the caliber of players that endorse this product. Furthermore, Gretsch Musical Instruments has asked Victoria to be Gretsch's sole source for all tube amplifiers. So, these Amps are co-labled!

BTW, as I detail the Executive's construction and pedigree.. Rest assured, The EXECUTIVE is beautiful to hear and inspirational play through. I use an EJ Strat and an Artist Package PRS MCCarty, top quality gear. I have owned many great amps, Dr. Z, Walter Woods, Fargen, many Fenders and Marshals, Fuchs, Soldano, Mesa et al, and this is truely a superior amplifier, built to endure and enhance the quality of your music.

So you're asking, why are you selling it? Ans. Because I have ordered a custom 1x12 Executive from Victoria, which I will use for gigging. The amp has arrived and is in use. You are welcome to contact Mark and verify what i am saying..

The Executive is the type of amp you've always wanted but couldn't find a way to own. Here's your chance, at an affordable price. Make this yours; You'll be making an excellent decision!

The Executive's tone and response are excellent! This amp handles Blues, Rock, Country and Jazz. Simply, This amp is pro quality!

I have included a dozen photos for your review. Please check each photo to verify the information below, and

Note: the co-labling is identified in the Pix.

Handle leather: every stitch is in place

Grill cloth: See- throughWheat, with front cover Tolex peeking through

Corners: not a tear, dings or smudge

Black Tolex: Elephant Skin, in-box mint condition, no tears, dings or smudges

Gold Piping and Grill Cloth: perfect condition and not a pull or stitch out of place

The silver plate on Back: Displays the Serial Number ; stating Manufactured by Victoria Amplifier Co Naperville , ILL.

Tube Layout Sticker: inside the cabinet again identifys not only the layout but that this is a Victoria Amp.

Speaker: hand made Weber Chicago 15’’ Speaker rather than the stock Eminence.

Wiring: point to point by hand... Check out the picture in the listing or please see the web. Exquisite, uncluttered, clean.

Original VICTORIA Packaging

Tubes ship in seperate box, inside cabinet, not mounted.

Insurance and shipping will be specific to the buyers location... and an adult will need to sign upon arrival

Gretsch G6163 Executive Guitar Combo Amp

Gretch Amps are currently manufactured in the USA by Victoria Amp Company. They are simple yet elegant amps with a lot of class. There are no master volumes, no DSP, no channel switching. They feature all tube design with point to point wiring, finger joint pine wood cabinets, two-tone vinyl covering. All tube amps from Gretsch and are made Hand made in U.S.A. by Victoria Amp Company.

Type: All Tube, Output: 20 Watts, Ohms: 8 Ohms, Speakers: 1-15" hand Made Weber Chicago, channels: Single Channel, 2 Inputs, All Hand Wired Chassis, Chrome Control Panel, Finger Jointed Pine Cabinet, Effects: Spring Reverb and Tremolo, Controls: Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb Level, Tremolo Intensity, Tremolo Speed, Covering: 2-Tone Space Age Viny, Weight 50 lbs (23 kg), Dimensions Height: 24" (61 cm) Width: 26" (66 cm) Depth: 11" (28 cm), Tubes 1-5AR4, 2-6V6, 3-12AX7, 2-12AT7. No other Victoria or Gretsch amplifiers have this tube compliment. ( NOTE: Victoria sells its own 1x15 for $2,975.00 HOWEVER, those amps does not include Reverb or Tremolo.)

I have a custom cover for the amp which we can discuss and there is no footswitch, albeit will perform with any standard 3 way for Tremolo or Reverb on the fly.

Good Luck and please do not hesitate to contact me.

Winning bid: US $1,499.99

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